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Mayflower II

State Pier
Downtown Plymouth

Official Web Site

Attraction Description:

Come aboard and learn about the 1620 voyage of the Mayflower, the perils of maritime travel, and the tools of 17th-century navigation. Explore the cramped quarters of the ship's passengers. Peer down into the lower level "hold," where the food, clothing, furniture, tools and other items necessary to start a colony were stored. Admire the "spacious" Master's cabin, and compare it to the wet and windy accommodations of the common sailors. You will also hear the tale of a modern Englishman's dream to build and sail Mayflower II as a symbol of American and British unity after WWII.

Next to Mayflower II, a dockside exhibit traces the history and origins of the ship's passengers, and describes the navigation techniques the crew used to find their way at sea. As you leave the ship, a collection of vintage photographs documents the construction of Mayflower II in England and her 1957 Atlantic crossing.

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